Plants Vs Zombies 2: New aspects and Playing free

Plants Vs Zombies 2: New aspects and Playing free

If you want to play a shooter game, then you play the PVZ 2. It was published on 9 July 2013 and has the copyright of 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. Plants vs Zombies, Pop Cap, EA. The logo of EA is trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. it requires the platforms to operate are iOS 8.0 or Android. The best thing about the game is that you can convert it in different languages. There are some plants which help you in destroying the zombies. While playing the game you will explore more fun and adventure.

What’s New?

Once the players have joined the game, he has a time that can transport you in three different times. Each of them more than 20 levels which are full of new zombies. You need to destroy these zombies, but if you want to unlock the new area then you have to repeat the same level to gain more coins. Most of the level will allow replaying only three times and each chance has different attempting to earn coins.

There are some more new power-ups that include Power Pinch, Power Zap, and Power toss. These all will be activated when you have to spend 800, 1000, and 1200 coins. All the prices are depending on the required time.

The coins in the game play an essential role in Plants vs Zombies 2. Through the coins, you can unlock some main features which you more in winning. If you collect more coins then you can purchase power-ups for heat in the battles.

Free to play

At the point when PopCap made the declaration that Plants vs Zombies 2 would be ‘allowed to-play’, a lot of PvZ fans were concerned the amusement would endeavor to press each dollar it could from you to open up the substance, however that is not in the least the case here.

Truly, you can purchase coins, plants, overhauls and different packs that will make the amusement simpler for you; however, none of them are justified, despite all the trouble. You can beat the whole amusement without spending a penny, and you open various plants and overhauls en route.

Thus, these are some information about Plant vs Zombies 2. In the game, you will be introduced with different characters. If you want to win the game then you have to use different power-ups.