Ultimate tips for an expert in Rules of survival

Ultimate tips for an expert in Rules of survival

There are a lot of battle games available in the play store and app store where you can get the best experience of life. Rules of survival are one of the popular and addictive games where developers drop more than 120 players in the game for perfect battle and loot. It is designed by Netease in 2014 which is famous in almost 55 different nations. Well, it is interesting games as compared to other mobile games.

You have to learn many things before playing this game like shooting skills, practice sessions and other helpful things you need to know. It is unique gameplay where you have to fight several other players, visit in twitch tv. well,  it is racing against time where you have to survive until the last stage. if you are making the good start in the game then you have more likely chance to win. With this article, we cover such helpful things like, how to play, details about the premium app and other tips of rules of survival.

Helpful rules and regulations

Here are certain things which might help you to learn certain aspects and win the game in the limited time period.

Safe for children

Rules of survival are freemium game for iPhone and Android. It is shooting and fighting game which comes with a lot of guns and vehicle and it cartoon game which doesn’t create any violence. There are several shooting elements available like arms, a bomb in this game. it is a 17+ game so if you want to restrict your child to play this game then you should off from parental controls.

Premium apps for advanced users

It is free to download the game in Google play and app store but you can purchase certain things in an app like different packs gifts and stones.  You can buy things from 99 cents to $20. You should try to play without utilization of real money on such game.

What are new rules available in 2018?

One of the best things about these game developers is making changes constantly in the game. After the beginning of 2018 game introduces new features and contents. By getting Rules Of Survival Hack 2018 and be game leader.

•    They added new vehicles such as jeep for the battle that can hold more than 5 players.  They can shoot with the help of rifle ammo.

•    Beginners can do certain things like jumping and shooting during the big battles. After killing in the game you can view information of opposition.

•    New popular vehicle available such rosy comet which is a worthy vehicle. New fashion accessories and packs available in the game.

There are other changes available too but these are the main ones which might help in certain situations.

Controllers in the game

Well, it depends on you how you control the game because you cannot get any official rules support. Many of the game lovers able to play it by Bluetooth and wireless remotes,  you should go to settings for the easier game and click on operations. In these options, you can change sensitivity and equip new rifles. After the click on advanced options, they will reveal you some other particular methods such as classic, advance ones, and a touch sensor.

Weapons perfect for your needs

It is free to play a game where you should choose weapon as per your choice or which suites on your lifestyle. There are many guns available such as assault and scope one always try to choose scope which promotes you to win the game in limited time.

Stay hidden for further chapters

There are several things available in the game and always try to hide behind the bushes either it is a door or anything else. After entering into the battle you should hide behind the certain crates. After moving one to other place check something behind yourself.

Team mode always best to play

There are two kinds of modes available such as team mode and single player mode, if you are playing in group mode then you should move with at least one player. it promotes you to kill your opposition players faster. However, you can ride on the jeep with your partner and the best thing is that passengers in the train can shoot to other ones.